Equity First Realty® 3% Seller Rebate Listing Program

Selling your current home and ready to buy your next? Let us help and put cash back in your pocket!

Save thousands with the Equity First Realty 3% Seller Rebate Listing Program. When you list your home and buy your next with us, you get full service representation and cash back at closing! That’s right! List your house with us and receive up to 3% Cash Back Rebate at closing when you buy your next house with our team.

Wouldn’t you like to have extra money for your down payment or closing cost for your next home purchase? With us, you can! Many homeowners think about selling their homes for new and different neighborhoods but may change their minds due to extra costs associated with selling. We understand completely. However, we don’t believe that you should sacrifice your dreams for dollars. That’s why we’ve built our company on the foundation of helping our customers save their equity for their own needs by lowering our commission fees? and giving cash back when you sell and buy! With our 3% Seller Rebate Listing Program, your Equity First Realty® agent gives the 3% listing commission back to you as a rebate as long as we represent you on the purchase of your next home within sixty days after the closing of your current home. The most you pay is a 2.5% commission to the buyer’s agent that brings the buyer to your home.

For a free home market analyst of your home click here: Equity First Realty Home Market Analyst Report. Our sellers have saved thousands. Here are some of our successful closed sales.

Equity First Realty offers different options on how you can receive your rebate:

  • You can receive a check at closing.
  • Reduce your listing commission from 6% to 2.5%
  • You can use your rebate proceeds towards your down payment or closing cost on your next house purchase.

Equity First Realty we give you the power to choose the best equity saving option that works best for you. Our goal is to help you Save Your Equity!