Equity First Realty® 1-on-1 Listing Program

Selling your home and Buying another home? Well, don’t pay a 6% listing fee to sell your home!

List your home with us AND buy your next house with us to Save Thousands! With the Equity First Realty® 1-on-1 Listing Program, you can list your house for just 1% AND get up to 2% Cash Back Rebate at closing, when you buy your next house with our team.* That’s right! Rest assured that you will also receive full service and representation when you sell your home and buy your next home with us at Equity First Realty®. Our goal to help you Save Your Equity!!


Don’t pay a 6% listing fee to sell your home! Our goal to help you Save Your Equity!! Wouldn’t you like to have extra money for your vacation, retirement, investment portfolio, or even new furniture for your new home? You can – when you list your home with Equity First Realty® and buy your next home with us! Many homeowners think about selling their homes for new and different neighborhoods, but may change their minds due to extra costs associated with selling. We understand completely, but we don’t believe that you should sacrifice your dreams for dollars. That’s why we’ve built our company on the foundation of helping our customers save their equity for their own needs by lowering our commission fees and giving cash back when you buy!  With our 1-on-1 Listing Program, your Equity First Realty® agent only takes lower listing commission and gives you up to 2% cash back on the purchase of your next home – as long as we represent you on your purchase of your next home within sixty days after the closing of your current home.* The most you pay is a 2.5% commission to the buyers agent that brings the buyer to your home. For a free home market analyst of your home click here: Equity First Realty Home Market Analyst Report.


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Here’s an example of our 1-on-1 Listing Program:

Equity First Realty’s® 1-on-1 Listing Program vs. 6% Traditional Listing Commission
Example: $600,000 home
Listing Agent fee Selling Agent fee Your Costs Your Savings
Equity First Realty® $6,000
$21,000 $15,000
6% Broker $18,000 (3%) $18,000

With our 1-on-1 Listing Program, if your next home purchase is $700,000, you would also receive a buyer rebate check for $10,500! Your total savings and earnings combined would be $25,500!

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*certain conditions apply